your life is in your own hands…..


what if you didn’t look the way you see yourself in the mirror, what if your friends were just your imagination, and What if we were not real?!??!

Have you ever thought to yourself, my paranoia is controlling me. what if my imagination is running away with itself. This is too good to be true….. what if your right?

These questions  always seem to twist around my brain when i think im enjoying myself too much or when i can see something bad is about to happen, like a sixth sense. This could be unbelievably true unfortunately. there is a theory amongst some psychologists in that life as we know it, is just an ongoing dream we control. so the people you see everyday may not look the way you see them, but you just imagine them that way. i can agree with this to a certain extent. when you catch someone in the corner of your eyes and you think they look really nice but your friend seems to disagree with you, although your going to argue that may be just an opinion, what if you see someone in a certain way but your friend see them in another.

The phrase ‘you hear what you want to hear’ in this case should be ‘you see what you want to see’ when you look at yourself in the mirror you see imperfections that no one else notices… but what if they arent actually there and that you choose them to be there. when you like someone you dont notice their imperfections, because you choose to not to see them.

when you have a really bad day do you tell yourself that you will have a better day tomorrow? when the next day comes does everything seem to fall into place? perhaps it is because your controlling your own life. obviously if you knew you could control your own life then you would have lots of money, have the best job and literally be living your dreams… but when you wake from a dream you sometimes dont like the dream or think it was really weird… but your dream was created fom your unconscious mind and ultimately controlled by yourself.

i know there is plenty of flaws in this theory but soon after finding out about this theory i was optimistic about the future. just pretend your life is in your own hands and it will give you the courage to do things you have never done before and be more confident.

i hope this somehow inspires you, even if its in the smallest ways, tell me all about it!


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