office/ playground….. same thing isnt it?


Being in an office reminds me of being at school, theres always one person that is the class comedian, one thats so quiet you wouldnt expect a thing, the one that knows everything, and as always the cynical one.
In the class room i was always named the geek, the one that always did my work so i could get out of school on time, because there are far better things to do with my time then staying at school. However in the office i am the new girl….. and i know this because my things are being taken!

I have a little plastic bee that my 3year old nephew gave me, my nephew is the most important person to me and as you can imagine that bee has a sentimental value, and yet someone thinks it is funny to take it, and send pictures of it, with a caption and then send it to me via email. They have even gone as far as setting up a gmail account, called the missing bee.

I am not the one for being a kill joy and not playing along, so i have played along to the playground rules and took things off of other people as a bargaining chip to getting my bee back.

This of course was not enough for them and has only made it worse, with more pictures.

At the moment i still havent got my bee back but there is always more games to play at school, and the rules are there to be broken.


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