Life….. it is all mapped out for us


Parents shape a person’s life, and they will give their opinion whether it is needed or not. When you are born they chose what clothes you wear, what food you are given and even what company you receive.

Even as you grow up and start making your own decisions they control you to a certain point. When I was growing up my parents always said that they are my decisions to make and will have to stick by them, but as you all will know, they sway you to certain decisions you may not have made yourself if given the chance.

When I look back through my school years, I thought I was doing what I wanted, but if I was given a choice in the matter, I wouldn’t have been the same person. I dressed in skirts and dresses, and wore things that were pink and considered girly, conversely if you were to look at me now, I am not exactly a mirror image of my former self. As soon as I left home I had several piercings, wore dark colours such as brown, grey and black, and completely changed my hair.

At the time you feel independent and only look for your parents’ guidance when it is asked for, but no matter what they said, they were carefully watching your every move. Even now my parents always check up on me, asking me questions in such a way that I doubt myself a lot.

Of course they have the best intentions at heart, they always do; but I am now making irreplaceable decisions that I should have made when I was younger. Parents only sway you to a certain decision because they remember when they made that decision, and how they made the wrong one, and having been given a second chance they would have changed it. Nevertheless the only real lessons that are learnt in life are the ones you teach; you need to make that choice in order to fully understand how it was the wrong one.

As a young child, I was very accident prone and had a tendency to hurt myself a lot by my own actions, but if I didn’t have those accidents then, then I would have at another point. Such as burning myself, everyone has burnt themselves at least once in life, and it was through doing this that I learnt not to play around the oven. Some parents go as far as heating up the oven so it is warm but not scalding, and hold their toddlers hand to it, so the toddler will know not to touch the oven when it is on.

Whether I agree with some of the actions my parents made or not, I am glad that I have the freedom to make my own decisions now, and whether I would have made the same decision as they made for me, I learnt from those mistakes, so it’s not all a waste.

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