2010’s best selling new cars…….


With the largest family-controlled company in the world, and 100 years of successful cars, you would not be surprised to know that the Ford Motor Company was the winner in 2010’s new car registration figures, with the fierce Fiesta. Coming third place with the Focus, doesn’t seem as harsh when you also hold the title at first place I presume.

As one of the largest and well known models of car, Ford was yet again the best-selling new car, surpassing other leading companies such as Vauxhall and Volkswagen. Ford Fiesta contract hire seems a little better now its the most wanted car of 2010. This is the second successful year for Ford, however I am sure they will do it again next year.

Vauxhall were runners up with the active Astra for second place and the curious Corsa for fourth. Leasing a Vauxhall Astra will give your friends something to be in awe about.

Is it any wonder that these four cars made the top four though? They are all quirky little run a rounds, and affordable priced cars will lure any customer in.  With the instant desire delivered by the new kinetic design, I am sure Ford will be pleased to know that their Fiesta is the most requested car of the year, and their Focus is only shortly behind.

Straight behind I am sure Volkswagen were swallowing a bitter pill coming fifth with the Golf, and sixth with the polo, but to make the top ten is still making a bold statement.

Peugeot made their appearance with the seventh most wanted car of 2010, with the 207 which is still an achievement to be proud of.

BMW were only just behind the boot of the 207, with the 3 series, which as you may know is not exactly a small run around for everyone, but rather more considered for the family lifestyle, designed the large interior space.

The Mini dropped in for ninth place with the remodelled Mini Cooper which begs the question…… will the Mini’s ever go out of fashion?

Last but certainly not least for the top ten 2010’s new registration figures was Nissan, with the Qashqai range. Although they have finished last, to have made the top ten out of all the new models hanging around 2010, it is an impressive start to the Qashqai’s future success.

I personally believe all these new cars are rightfully the most desired from 2010, and I am sure all 10 will stay around on the roads for a very long time.


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