Look behind you, before you pose for this picture!


People really should turn around every once in a while to see what is going on around them before posing for the camera…..

You never know, your friend might be pulling a face behind your back. If you look through some of your photos again, look alot further then what face your pulling, but rather whose in the back ground and what their doing, and you never know, there might just be another story behind each picture.

For instance, when you first look at this picture, you see the girl in it, and the tree and then think no more of it. look within the tree and slightly to the right, and there you have it, someone showing you their bum…… outcome is, this picture is not one to be showing someone after all.

Here you have a perfect example of how peoples faces change once you’ve got your back to them. These children are probably brothers and sisters, well i presume so, when the boy is looking so angry with the little girl anyway……. i have a funny feeling that this is not exactly brotherly love after all.

Now i am almost certain that nobody has no idea whats happening going on behind them…… my only question is; why is she naked outside anyway? or at least naked in front of everyone? i am pretty sure if she did know that there was a camera then she would have fake tanned her bum anyway!

Here are only a few examples….. but there is a whole website full of others


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