Rolling out the red carpet…… for the DS3


Roll out the red carpet again, as the Citroen DS3 is on its way up. Among the vast amount of celebrities strolling along the red carpet, there was a unique appearance from the brand new Citroen DS3.

With its lipstick red bodywork, and stylish designer wear, the DS3 made quite the crowd, transporting celebrities to the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit in Paris. Married to modern technology and conjuring classic tradition we simply need to put our hands together for the DS3’S magnificent performance. Named the car for everyone, it is now beloved by motoring enthusiasts everywhere.

Introduced by Citroen the DS3 is now known for its comfort and handling, and seems to leave a smile on every drivers face.

Made over by ones of Frances best known fashion designer firms, The DS3 got involved in a retrospective of the career of Yves Saint Laurent. The DS3 accessorised a museum exhibition that showcases some 300 examples of the late designers work.

Hopefully The Citroen DS3 will be making another appearance very soon…..


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