The Ford Timeline, and what the future holds……………


Cars have come a long way since the Ford Tin Lizzies, and are still evolving now……. will they ever stop changing?

When you look back through the timeline of cars it becomes a bit of a history lesson of those we once drove, and perhaps will never drive again. Look back to the Ford Tin Lizzies and how much of a success they became during the time of the economic boom, in which it was a sign of wealth purchasing your very own car, now the only time these cars will be mentioned is in the history books.

However this certain car was not the first, it was in fact 1885 that the first ever car was introduced. Perhaps even at the beginning of the 20th century it was then that everyone decided to hop on the wagon, and make a real investment. No one could ever imagine back then, that there would be so many cars on the road in the 21st century. Not only is it rare not to drive in the 21st century, but there is certainly a great deal of rivalry between makes and models that we purchase, what is fashionable, and what is considered an ‘old banger’.

Cars are no longer a luxury but an everyday practicality. They even represent a passing of age in some circumstances, in which once turning 17, it is virtually expected to engage in driving lessons and possess your very own car.

Electric windows were a novelty only a few years ago, and yet now it is assumed that all cars have this added extra. Air conditioning and climate control was another gadget added to the automobile, but it is currently a health and safety addition to all cars being produced.

Although Ford has come a long way already, there does not seem to be any sign that the evolution will be slowing anytime some, let alone stopping. There are an excessive amount of gadgets waiting to be placed in the cars of the future, and represent their share of the automobile timeline.

Either electric powered cars or Hydro powered cars are expected to be the next big thing in the automobile timeline; they are dramatic but necessary changes to the car industry, and will hopefully help reduce the carbon footprint of their ancestors.

For the time being Ford has developed their cars with the kinetic design, something that can clearly be seen on the amazing looking new Ford Fiesta. Contract hiring the Fiesta may be a step in the right direction when it comes to driving a fashionable model, rather than an ‘old banger’.


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