Cupcakes…… The randomness behind the creativity


Cupcakes can make us smile on the worse of days, but these cupcakes with leave you smiling all day long. There are so many types of cupcakes and designs on top, that when I get to the cake isle of the supermarket, it takes me about half an hour to decide on one box. However if these cupcakes were available at the supermarket I wouldn’t be stuck for choice, I would quite simply want all of them.

Cartoon cupcakes are uniquely funny within their own rights, however with the extra ingredient of cartoon cupcakes that we recognise, it only begs the question, who does them and how do they find the time to design them?

I personally think there should be a bakery that sells cupcakes like these in every town, it will stand out against other bakery’s and will give everyone something to smile about on a daily basis.

If there were a bakery that sells cupcakes like these near my work, I am almost certain that I would buy at least one a day. The masterminds behind these cupcakes should be very proud of their achievements and should not give up on their creative streak.

My personal favourite cupcake from this selection would be the sheep… they are beautifully designed and all those marshmallows would be too tempting to resist. Not only would it take me quite a while to eat them, but I think they would leave me full for quite a while.

I only hope that these variations of cupcakes will not have a sell-by-date, but rather carry on in their path of uniqueness and the ability to make me smile.

Follow this link, to see all the cupcakes that will make you smile


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