Moving onwards and upwards…..


I moved to Kent just over a year ago, and it was daunting, I knew nobody but my sister, had no job, no college and no idea what I wanted to do, all I knew was that I didn’t want to live in Portsmouth anymore.

The first thing I did was go to the nearest college and enrol, they wouldn’t allow me to carry on doing the same course as I had at my previous college so instead I did A levels. I then went to the first pub/restaurant I could find and got a part time waitressing job. Naturally through these two environments I met lots of good friends and I used to go out with them almost every night. I even got a place with my sister, and where she worked away from home all week, the flat was pretty much mine to do as I like.

A year has passed and a lot of things have changed, I left the waitressing job and now work at a better job, with more money and full time hours, which I love, I gave up college after only a few months because I didn’t like the way the lecturers treated me.

I no longer see all my friends from my previous job because it seems as though I was making all the effort, and as it turns out no one really gets in contact with me, unless I make the first move.

I am now living with my friend Becca who helped me get my new job, and for that I am eternally grateful, but things are about to change… but is it for the better?

Becca is moving out with her boyfriend, and depending on where my sisters next job, I might have to find my own place…… it sounds easy, but this will be my first bit of independence and it frightens me. Most people my age (including everyone I went to school with) are in their first year at university and are still living with their parents, not had a full time job yet, and are literally down the pub every night. I sometimes wish that I could swap with them, trade everything in and go back to education when things weren’t so daunting.

However I don’t want to have to admit defeat and go back to my parents with my tail between my legs, I want to make a success of myself and prove to everyone that I don’t give in at the first hurdle.

So now comes the opportunity to find myself, do what I want to do, and not have to answer to anyone but the TV….. I could rent a room, get a place myself, or see if a friend wants to share somewhere with me. There are so many options and its difficult trying to make the right one without making a few wrong decisions.

I am miles ahead of most people my age and I am glad I have had the support of my sister since moving here, without her none of this would be possible. The biggest thing that scares me about getting my own place, is not that I can’t afford it (because I can) but that me and my sister won’t be close anymore. I feel like I have just got to know her again, and I don’t want to lose her.

So in a couple of months, I will hopefully have my own place, still have my job (fingers crossed) and will still have my sister as a best friend……. I am hoping it is going to be an onwards and upwards move, and not a backwards and downwards decision…… all I can do is hope for the best.


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