What your car colour is saying about you…..


The Colour of your car is not important is it? The make and model of your car is the biggest indicator of what type of person you are, however the colour is the most important… or so they say.

Your personality, moods and even your outlook of life can all be determined upon what colour car you drive.

For instance, if you own a fiery red, it would mean that you’re high energy and dynamic, the vibrant colour brings the best of out you, and you seem to bounce back into life with the unique colour. If the colour however is starting to fade, it means that you are starting to let your fire slip away. According to that specific colour, your either too busy, too old or too tired to keep up with the sassy person within.

Elegance can be represented with the colour silver, and can also mean cool. However silver is a very popular colour, and can tend to mean that your either the original silver car owner or you follow the trend. Silver is the neutral colour for cars and as it suggests, you like to be noticed for your elegance, however your just a neutral person.

White, there are very few white car owners, however there are a lot of white van drivers. If you honestly don’t know what kind of person you are for driving a white car, take a look at white van men, not exactly the best drivers on the road. You choose the conspicuous white because you don’t want to stand out, deep down you wanted to get a fiery colour, but you don’t have the confidence to drive it. Next time you get a car…. Brave the vibrant ones, let people know who you are, rather than mask it.

Light blue sometimes means calm and quiet, however my theory is that you secretly wanted a different colour, but because of your relaxed nature you settled for the light blue. You either had a lot of confidence/energy and lost it, or you’re still hung up on getting it. Don’t stand aside and let others choose what you want, pick the colour you want, and don’t be afraid to make some waves.

Dark green, although cars are rarely produced dark green anymore, some drivers still have one. The type of person you are for owning a dark green car is simple, you stick with the old and the traditional, you know that it has worked well for you before, and you’re too trusting to let it go. You haven’t bought a car in a while, but it is about time you modernise your life.
Purple is a tricky colour, not one is very creative enough to own a purple car, this colour means that your individualistic or simply that you are confident enough to not care what people think about you. Either way purple is in no way an easy choice, you should be proud to drive it with style.

Black is very straightforward, you are not very easily manipulated and you perhaps appreciate the agelessness of the colour. It also suggests that you have two sides to your personality, a mysteriousness in some ways, whilst bold in others.

Dark blue says that you are credible, confident and dependable. Maybe you are in the car too much for those reasons, you like the idea of helping others, however you sometimes lose yourself in the process.

Grey is very different from silver, it is in every sense of the word dull. You are practical and corporate, perhaps not from your own perspective, you want to be vibrant and energetic but things get you down too much. If you go for a grey, then it is essential that you choose a charcoal colour, it will suggest to others that you still have a sparkle.

Orange or yellow is what you would expect; it insinuates that you are a fun loving, talkative and trendy person. Plus you are very lively, maybe even too much? Generally speaking only fun little cars come in these colours such as the Volkswagen Beatles and little sports cars.

Gold suggests that you love your money too much, and can be selfish at certain times. Gold is stereotyped for wealth and you are not shy to show you crave it, you are always pushing yourself up the ladder and you don’t really care who is in the way.

Lastly is brown, your down to earth, care for everyone and everything. You don’t care about the money as long as you are having fun. Your willing to help others at any expense and will never stand in someone’s way.

These colours may not apply to your personality; there are some circumstances where you haven’t got a choice in the colour, or even the car. For example my sister gets a car with her job, and the company Leases a Volkswagen Golf which is silver, however she has no choice in what car she gets or what colour it is, and therefore it doesn’t match her personality at all.


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    • You could always look at the colour of your car in a different way…… it could mean that you like a blank canvass, to create your own memories. You may enjoy going somewhere you have never been before and starting afresh, i am guessing that your an outgoing person who likes meeting new people and hates sticking to the same thing for too long. of course i may be wrong, its up for discussion.

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