Courageous Nissan Cube is Canned……


As a rising amount of cars are being axed due to unsuccessful sales, some will be regrettably missed; like the Nissan Cube for example.

With its striking design and captivating appearance, anyone who gets behind the wheel of a Cube should feel very privileged indeed, for when the concluding few models are sold, there will be no more importation.  Boldly stepping out of their comfort zone, Nissan succeeded to create somewhat of an aspirational car, with its dice like dimensions, and never done or even seen before shell, the Nissan charmed its way through the UK with its courageous design.

Compromise was not an option, when it came to fabricating this design; it pulls out all the stops whilst grasping a little bit of creativity. Standing out above others, this car is not for the light hearted, but rather for those who know what they want, and are willing to do anything to get it.

Terminated in the UK for its expensive nature, the cube is irreplaceable and deserves a standing novation for its brave intentions. However to be axed from the UK completely is a shame, especially as there are other ways around the pricing. Leasing a Nissan cube is just one way of keeping the intriguing design from disappearing from our sights. Nissan Contract hire would be another way forward around this tricky bend.

Whatever the method, we cannot let pricing stop us from joining these unique concepts. We need to connect with these models before we are left in the wake of these innovative ideas. The Cube received lots of positive feedback from journalists and press reviews; however the sales did not match their excitement.

Leasing a Nissan Cube in Essex
, is still an option though, so if you are ready for the ground-breaking Cube, then get one before it is too late.

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