To Mondeo, or not to Mondeo………


The Ford Mondeo has been around since the early 90’s and it seems that they are not driving off the road without a fight. With major Facelifts for the exterior, the Ford Mondeo has managed to remain a predominant sell, even with the stiff competition.

Originally replacing the once desired Sierra, the Mondeo elevated Fords credibility, and has raised the popularity that was left in pieces in 1992. Available as a saloon, hatchback and estate, the Mondeo had a lot of pressure riding on it, as loyal customers were suddenly dissipating and turning to various rivals.

Although Mondeo didn’t make a huge success with its first car, they did pick themselves up from the ground, when it came to their following cars, they made all the significantly needed improvements. The Mondeo has made vast improvements where necessary, and has now produced The Mondeo Zetec, which is generally considered a car for everyone.  Hands down though, for sticking to their guns and keep the company going, it would be too easy to give up and sell, but determined Mondeo has generated a sophisticated Hatchback, which could quite possibly be on the brink of success.

Leasing a Ford Mondeo, could be a wise move, when it comes to upcoming hits. Do not be fooled however, it may look simple and dreary, but with a revitalising ‘kinetic’ design; the new Mondeo is one step ahead of the competitors.


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