What a year Renault has had……


Renault has come a long way over the last 100 years, as you can visibly see through their pioneering cars, you wouldn’t expect a faultless performance from Renault, however after the disastrous year of 2009 going through to 2010, I am pleased to see Renault is now back on track, and creating stylish, quirky drives once again.

Hiccups are to be assumed, yet when you look through the innovative cars Renault has produced, you don’t expect them to make catastrophes like the Renault Sport-3. Every company has its unique problems, let it be known, however when struck with the Renault Sport 3, you’re left begging the questions…. why? Who came up with the design and how did they ever allow this monstrosity to be constructed?

When you constantly fabricate great cars like the Renault Megane Coupe and saloon, you are entitled to make mistakes, and there is no doubt about that, nevertheless blunders such as those made last year, should be a lesson well learnt for Renault.

Racing the creative line-up is probably the fault in this, competitors were constantly spitting out good cars last year, and in the bid to stay ahead, I am sure Renault rushed what would have been a talented car, and instead sprinted to chew out something that nobody wants to be seen in.

Producing the distinguished Renault Dynamique has certainly turned the table around, and is re-assuring us that Renault is not relinquishing just yet. There are still countlessly great cars still to arrive to the showrooms, From Renault.

Leasing a Renault Megane can be a beneficial investment for some, it is all accordingly down to whether you are ready to drive the quirky number, or whether you head your bets and stick to cars that are considered safe.

All in all, Renault fashioned a hideous sporty design, with their tail between their legs, they have gone back to the drawing board, and fortunately learnt their lessons and generated something that may just be the car of the year.


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