Fingers that will make you laugh….


Fingers are used every single day without fail, and yet we sometimes forget how useful and unique they really are….   

Typing, writing, eating, smoking, pointing, tapping, dialling, texting…. the possibilities are endless, and would take me an unfortunate amount of hours just purely listing everything we use fingers for. However during my lunch break today, I stumbled across some hilarious pictures of fingers, owned by people that perhaps have too much time on their hands.

However it does not stop them from becoming any less amusing, as soon as i saw these pictures, i was literally laughing so hard, if i had been sat down i am sure i would have fallen off of my seat. These creative ideas have intrigued me so much that i drew my own faces on my fingers. Once i typed in ‘funny fingers’ onto google images, there were hundreds more like them, as well as funny faces on toes. However taking it one step further, is dressing your fingers to get them into character.

How on earth do these people come up with these ingenius ideas, and how do they find the time to make little costumes?

I hope they amuse you, as much as they amused me…..


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