Jokes are no laughing matter…..


There are masses of jokes told every day, and yet every single one is unique, and amuses people in different ways. The secret to a good joke of course, is allowing the audience to picture it, and relate to it, look at the best comedians around today, they talk about everyday life that we all relate to, and point out things most people know, but never really talk about, and it works, people laugh harder than they ever have before.

Of all the heaps of jokes, they can normally be categorised, for example: clusters of three. These are usually about Scottish, Irish and Welch men. However you can also get examples such as Blondes, Brunettes and red heads.

Laughing can generally boost a person’s mood, or break a tense atmosphere, whatever the reasons, jokes are remarkably talented. However jokes will either come in bulks, like a performance, or are rarely dropped into a conversation, no matter though, because there is a website called ‘Ask Men Daily’ which provides an endless amount of jokes and funny stories, including ‘Joke of the day’.

Ask Men Daily is a great website that helps you relax during a stressful day, and unwind if tense; they are funny jests that are worth sending to friends. Every time I read the jokes, I laugh out loud at work, drawing attention to myself, but I don’t care, they are worth reading and completely worth laughing at.


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