ok so i am not judging these parents….. but how did the kids learn this?!?


Children can be a bit mischievous, in fact they can do unexpected things in flicker of an eye lid, you cannot constantly keep your eyes on your children, however after looking at these pictures, and you might just pay them a little more attention.

I am not a parent myself so I can’t judge, nevertheless, after seeing these pictures, I am pretty sure these kids need to be taught a lesson or two. Of course some things cannot be helped, as children will always do things you have no idea how they learnt it.

Conversely though, children smoking cigarettes, beer funnels or licking alcohol off the floor are purely down to mistakes that should have been dealt with, but instead fell into the hands of a curious child.

There are some parents that are just too careless to keep an eye on their children, or those who think it is a good idea to leave their children somewhere, without thinking of all the dangers this situation can lead to.

OK, so it may just be that these are staged pictures, and it was intended to amuse people, however, children pick up a lot of things, and if they are encouraged to do something like this for the camera, they will remember the positive feedback and repeat it at a later date. Therefore these pictures which are funny now, may just lead to a serious problem later in life.

Whatever the reason, enjoy these pictures…….

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