Young, Fun and very Dumb…. waking up from a night out


Innocent, i am not, however i know how much i can drink and i rarely try and push my boundaries. When i get home from i work, i love having a bottle of wine in the fridge waiting, don’t get me wrong, however i am not your stereotypical 18 year old. It makes me wonder how people get into such as state, that they have to be removed from the night clubs, or banned from their own town, in order to stop this anti-social behaviour. 18-26 year olds are really making a great impression on those only a few years behind.

When attending school, college and university, it is not all about the education, the social norm for these youngsters is going out the pub and going clubbing at night. Of course when i had a part time job, i would rarely be inside in the evening, well not at home anyway, but rather out clubbing or down the local pub. Even in my work breaks, i would be going along to the nearest pub and enjoying a couple of pints.

Amusing as it is, for these people, it won’t exactly be a laughing matter when they get a bit older and start having liver problems. My friend already has liver problems and has been advised to stop drinking, however through years of obsessive drinking, he is now addicted and cannot stop himself. I am not judging those who go and drink almost on a daily basis, i am merely pointing out the obvious; getting so intoxicated that you can no longer stand or sit, let alone spit out one recognisable sentence, will only leave you sleeping on a path in the middle of nowhere.

Of course seeing these pictures, it is hard to not laugh, i myself laugh at my friends when i see them drunk and talling strangers that they love them, and trying to explain how awesome they are. But once you wake up, covered in pen, or having cigarettes shoved up your nosem surely you think to yourself: it has gone a bit too far this time. Pacing yourself is not being a kill joy, it is called drinking responsibly whilst still having a good time.

These pictures are all signs of a heavy night out, and i feel sorry for the guy whi has cocktail sticks in his hair, because if he rolls over, thats going to be one sharp pain in the head.  They are really funny, these pictures, however in your drunken state, you can’t see all the dangers from doing this. I am not trying to put a dampener on things, but rather a drinking awareness, by all means go out and get drunk, but do it with people you trust, and pace: you can still get drunk whilst pacing.

It is not just about the danger to yourselves either, some people get rather fiesty and agitated once they have had a drink, and it is these people that will start a fight with a stranger for no reason what so ever, and then get arrested and wasting police time, because they cannot handle themselves.

Just take things slow, and enjoy your night out, don’t make silly mistakes and end up visiting the police cells or the local hospital. Carry on being young and fun, but don’t do anything dumb…..


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