stealth fully creating an architectual gem of a building……


I miss the days when I couldn’t walk pass a building without my curiosity luring me to go in; like a little voice in my head it tells me to take a look around and be a part of this unique structure and its developing history.

I love being in the rear seat of a car, and gazing out of the window through awe when i pass a breathe-taking building. Passionate contextual structures that stands tall against the distained buildings, leaving their appearance that they have hung around since the age of time.

The smooth inspiration that flows alongside the curvaceous design draws your soul in with instant desire. Releasing your daily clutter from uncontrollable thoughts, these architectural designs are photographed and are stored in your memory for every dream you can possibly imagine. These magnificent buildings may have had a radical makeover, liberating themselves from their discarded shells, but they certainly bridge the gap between art and design; from dreams to reality and from possibilities to wonders.

Each distinctive building destined for a maximum impact; every stark line and minimal detailing is premeditated for functionality as well as capturing those wondering eyes. Is it any wonder then that every imminent building choses to make a courageous and intrepid statement within their own right.

No plain Jane brick building illustrates the need to reach out of its comfort zone; no instead it’s the unadorned concrete canvasses that grasps your attention. The bespoke facade systems that stealth fully plays with each emotion are the ones that tower over every other ordinarily simple building.

Splashing on a scrap of colour is too sparse; buildings need to incorporate much more than a lick of paint in order to achieve a jaw-dropping rareness and individuality. To accomplish an absolute gem of a structure, architects needs to establish a carefully-designed exterior that entices people in, and carries devotion for art.


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