Getting older does not have to be such a drag……


Getting older does not have to be such a drag! These photos illustrate that you genuinely do not change your appearance that much; in fact you just get prudent. So get off the sofa, and stop running everyone over in your mobility scooter, and start enjoying and appreciating your life!

The older you get the more freedom you obtain, you are alive and should be living your life until your last breathe is drawn. You should by no means look back at your life with resent and frustration, you made the choices then and stuck by it, so you need to carry on sticking by it till the end, and if you really do not like the way your life is at the moment, then with every passing minute you can amend it.

Yes you are wiser then what you were in your youth, but that does not mean that you cannot behave immaturely, consider your life like a playground, and you will quickly enjoy it again, you can change the game you enact, the friends you associate with and the trail you tread to achievement.

Reminisce your adolescent years and the few worries you kept. Well you can do that again, just let go of life a little bit, of course do not take life as a joke and behave inconsiderately…. But alternatively follow the rules of the games you play and push some boundaries slightly.

Go out and do something you have always wanted to do, but never achieved and it will be liberating. Live with spirit and energy and you will soon see the bright side of life again.


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