Photos that will make you laugh and brighten your day.


Have some of your photos ever been ruined by strangers? Then meet these crazy photo bombs that are going to make looking at your albums a lot less painful.

The last time i put photo bombs on here, it turned out to be somewhat a success, and therefore I found bigger and better ones that will brighten your day….. I am sure of it.

Some photos could be really nice if it wasn’t for the random stranger in the back ground, however these photos have a far better purpose on my blog, to fulfil your day, and bring out your smile. I have had the pleasure of having some of my own photo bombs, however nothing quite as good as these. For your entertainment here they are….

It is too cold for swimming trunks, or are you just happy to have your order taken.

Is this deja vu? i swear i have seen the same evil look before……. o yer ‘resident evil’; good film, scary face!

Who is meant to be the main attraction in this photo? At least the naked guy in the back ground, had the decency to cross his legs for us.

I am glad this couple can look back at these wedding pictures and remember a good time, the guy in the background however will not be remembering this, only the amount of alcohol he drank that day.
I am not quite sure what the purpose of this picture is? but it does the trick….
The guy at the back certainly believes in a force greater than our own, however i am not convinced it is the same idea the others have got?
Do any people have respect for wedding pictures these days? or at least the decency of covering up when there is a religious ceremony taking place. Thank you for being a part in photobombs though.
Has nobody told him that Harry Potter is not true, and that by going into that lamp post, you will not get to a magical place….. but rather end up in maybe hospital?
I am not that convinced this was by accident… i think shes giving someone the option; her flat stomach, or those wrinkly legs?
I am so happy the family are having a picture together, o wait is that a face? Aww even the unloved child is in there…. how sweet
just one question…. why?!?!
The dogs were feeling the love too!
Maybe the next picture this guy will be in, will be the mugshot at the police station….
This is one way of teaching him about sex i suppose
I guess the beer just got to him in the end.

Well i hope you enjoyed them as much as i did!


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