Tattoo and Piercings gone way too far….


I love having my piercings, whereas my parents always criticise me on ‘how awful they look’. No matter what anyone says I will aways love my piercings and it is not as if I have to leave them in for the rest of my life, unlike implants or tattoos. Nevertheless is there a limit to how many piercings someone can have without going over the top (in my opinion anyway)

Some people have quite a few piercings and tattoos like Kat Von Dee and they look really good, there is no doubt about that. You may disagree, it’s each to their own I suppose. However the pictures underneath have gone too far in my opinion and should be stopped from causing any more damage to their bodies.

Do you think he likes symmetry?

I have a feeling this person will not be going through airport security soon…….

I have a feeling he has a bit of a sore throat…. can i offer soothers?

I don’t know whether he can breathe through his nose any more to be honest.

mmmmm don’t you just want to kiss a mouth full of silver?
The famous catman…… he loves his cats so much that he believes he is one.
How has his skin not ripped?
It is as if he loves his mouth so much that he has framed it with silver beading….
He wouldn’t be the best of football players… he would pop the ball when he went for a header
He is starting to look like a fictional character to be honest.
When I grow up I want to be able to put knifes through my nose, and hands through my ears….. Achieved!
How do you think he sleeps? hanging from hooks?

Hope you enjoyed these random pictures 🙂


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