Photobombs, animal style….


Photobombs seem to be pretty popular recently, and i have done two posts about photobombs already, so hopefully this one will surpass the others….

I present you with animal photobombs, you are probably thinking that they are going to be rubbish and not as amusing as the others i have already posted. However these are just as funny if not better! Plus these can’t be staged unlike the others, we have no control on what face the animals make let alone if they even walk up to the camera. Therefore for your viewing pleasure, here they are…
Top Tips when it comes to photos….

Always remember to smile when the camera flashes!
Always show your best side……
Not forgetting the teeth, they may be your best asset…
If you tilt your head, the sun reflects off of it a bit better…
If you squint your eyes you dont get the sun in them….
You could always go for an action shot……
If  you get up close to the camera, you are more important than the others……..
Wearing something different from the others brings more attention to you….
If you go in the water, it can be sexier….
Do not allow any nude pictures to be taken, your reputation can go down the pan….
If  no one knows you’re in the picture, it’s a bit of a surprise….
And finally pouting your lips allows for a more seductive pose.

Here are all the tips i can give when it comes to photobombing!


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