Interior Design through the decades……


Identical to fashion, interior design is an ever changing industry, which brings trendy new colours and textures year by year. However looking back through the decades, I can’t help but feel that interior design is improving by the decades. With new techniques constantly arising, and skills fully utilised, will the transition to the next decade be more successful then interior design these days?

Although kitchens and living rooms have changed through the decades, it is in fact the bedroom which has changed the most in the past 50 years. So what has changed? And is it truly for the better?

The Sixties – the colours that were dominant in the 60’s were: lively pink, sunny orange and intense greens. Bedroom furniture came with sleek curves and it was certainly popular to have pristine white coloured bedroom pieces. Circular light fixtures were fashionable as well as art prints such as Peter Max. As well as having white colour furniture, Swedish style pine furniture was greatly popular.

The Seventies – the seventies brought with them rich earthy tones of, pale yellow, washed-out brown, worn orange and discoloured green. Candlewick and chenille bedspreads were undoubtedly popular. The ‘hippie’ look was around, as was the craze to have iconic posters of musicians on the wall and a turntable and some vinyl nearby. Artwork that featured large floral patterns or owls were also very stylish.

The Eighties – the eighties colour scheme was anything bright and flashy, hot pinks, flamboyant greens, vibrant blues and loud oranges. Black veneered or teak furniture were common in the 80s, along with the cosy beanbag chair. The 80s saw swish oak furniture which are still very familiar in homes nowadays.

The Nineties- the decade I was born into, and the decade neutral colours were not just a fashion, but rather an obsession. Feminine colours such as pale lilac would be splashed onto the walls, whilst more intense colours contrast the cushions and throws; not the sort of style that we would willingly pursue nowadays. Environmental style started to creep its way into homes in the 90s, with recycled furniture, design and eco- colour schemes.

However gothic influences started to emerge around the same time, meaning black was considered a reasonable alternative colour for bedrooms, unlike the previous decades.

‘Treasure trove’ is another favoured bedroom style with dark jewel colours and heavy upholstery allowing you to snuggle up in a shadowy den of relaxation.

Every fresh decade brings with it another craze and character for all to pursue. Though some decades have provided luxury residential refurbishments that have proven more effective than others, to choose only one decade against another, is challenging, seeing as they are completely distinctive to the era, and the techniques available. Each to their own; everyone has their own decade which defines their dream interior.


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