Beauty obsession….. pictures of people going to far


Beauty obsession is becoming increasingly popular, for those striving for “perfection”. However there is no such thing, what one person would perceive as perfection, another would happily change for a smaller nose, bigger boobs and have painful injections all in the name of beauty.

I am not going to say what parents always say, which is true beauty is from the inside, I think we are all old enough to know that looks are generally important to each and every one in their own way.  I personally do not want to have a facial disfigurement if it was down to a choice, however we are all born with natural beauty and this is what keeps us different from each and every one of us.

There are some individuals though those are addicted to changing anything that can, and will change in the face of ‘perfection’. These changes could be small changes such as applying fake tan, to more extreme procedures such as liposuction, and gastric bands.

For those who are considerably beauty obsessive, perhaps browsing through the following pictures, will dissuade you from so much fakery and further operations:


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