Interior design… what does the future hold?


With interior design dramatically changing through the decades, what are the plans for the future?

Over the years, we have transformed every aspect of interior design, from lino flooring to artex ceilings, and lively pink walls to Swedish pine furniture, no inch untouched. However with the beginning of a new decade, design concepts are being pushed to all home owners though what great plans are going to make it this decade, if any.

Basic black and white colour schemes are becoming a classic choice in the world of colour combination; they bring to the room style and elegance, blended with a sober and serious attitude. Nevertheless pinching in a squeeze of vibrant colours adds personality and sophistication, no matter the room nor specific colour. For instance, black, white and red are ever popular, mixing an array of emotions into a tasty selection of colours.

These days, colour schemes generally fall into the pattern of three, in that three very similar toned colours are chosen for just one room; whether adopting earthy tones or going wild with energetic paints, the rule of three never fails to leave a lasting impression with visitors.

Conversely not all colours can be positioned together, such as cheerful yellow and royal blue, instead they need to complicate each other and emphasize the point the colours are making. Choosing earthy tones results in calm and relaxed atmosphere, whereas vibrant colours would be more likely to be suited in a kitchen, where activity is present. Colours denote a certain emotion that the room need to reflect, therefore choosing a pulsating colour for rooms where you want to feel awake, and faded colours for the rooms welcoming relaxation.

Furniture is a relatively easy choice to make these days, with heaps of enormous furniture stores around the UK, every type of furniture is certainly accessible. Floating shelves are becoming a huge success these days, as with other clean cut furniture, which leaves any room felling crisp and fresh, plus they come in an assortment of colours, to suit every type of room.

The biggest change through the decades has got to be flooring, not something we particularly look at on a daily basis; however the flooring is the perfect finish to every room. Carpets are no longer a must have, but rather a must go to every home. The latest flooring is bulldozing their way into all houses. Resin flooring is spreading through homes like sun on a hot day; they offer a selection of colours, and even the luxury of under floor heating.  Resin flooring is an excellent alternative to carpet, as is simply looks immaculately sparkling.

These are just a few ideas which are set to make a huge success this decade, the question now is…. are you going to follow the trend, and break out and create your own new style?


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  1. Very interesting article, I enjoyed it. I have to agree with you that resin flooring has become much more demanded over recent years. It’s hard wearing, low maintanance properties that also combine with eye pleasing patterns makes it a very popular choice within housesholds.

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