Achieving a celebrity home status…..


Flicking through glossy magazines, I am always stunned at how luxurious the celebrity homes look, with their unblemished kitchen sides, and snug cream sofas that just reek of expense furniture.

Practically everybody has seen their visionary home either within a magazine or projected onto the TV, very few have actually got a set of keys to the home of their dreams of course, however that does not stop us all from hoping.

Some may favour the modern open-plan look, with expensive looking accessories dotted around the room, although I have to admit that my preference would have to be an old fashioned cottage, with wooden beams fully visible, and delicate looking white ornaments scattered about.

There is something magical about looking into the magazine and imagining you own the keys to that property, even when there might be certain aspects about that particular room that you would not have yourself, if given the choice.

When it comes to refurbishing your own homes, every little idea that pops into your head may seem ingenious, but once purchased and placed in the exact spot you imagined, it never looks quite as good.

Although you may not be able to afford exactly floor to ceiling with all the pricey goodies, you can still get an impressive interior whilst pinching all those pennies, it is just a case of knowing where to go and how to get it.

Conversely you can be lazy, and just flash your cash in the right place. Luxury home refurbishment is becoming increasingly popular these days, with it being available to even the money savers. You give them your idea, sit back and let the experts do all the hard work.


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