Creating storage in the unlikeliest of spaces…..


“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” (William Morris)

Style is often compromised with cluttered items scattered about the home, it gathers from the everyday important belongings through to the useless treasures we leave behind. Of course the simplistic look is hard to capture, when it comes to a large growing families that more often than not need to be reminded as to clear things away, but surely there is such a method as to organise mess?

We could all do with a de-cluttering every now and then, yet before we take all those unnecessary items back to their original homes, perhaps we should consider a more appropriate bin bag for its new home.  Once the chaos of ‘stuff’ has been condensed down to the beautiful, the useful and the sacred, it is then time to think of storage.

Not every home can withhold a vast array of belongings, however it is all about space, your home may not look big enough, but it’s a matter of finding the room somewhere, and structuring all the junk. It is not just about storing what you already have, but rather thinking ahead to what you will inevitably accrue in the future. In an ideal world, we would have a sustainable one-in one-out attitude to belongings, but who really does that?

In today’s society keeping up to date with the latest goods, is not just a fine luxury but instead transformed into the norm, therefore purchasing more unessential treats. Which only raises the question: where are we going to put it?

Fortunately there are some crafty little hideaways in every home, which need to be filled; it is all about knowing where to look. For instance the stairs, almost every home here has them, and yet we never look to store stuff underneath them….. Simply building in storage can stash away more items then you would possibly think. Whether it will be used as a book case, or contains cupboards and compartments, stairs offer the perfection solution to cluttered mind.

Use dead space. There are plenty of little voids in flats and homes which can be transformed into accommodating space, no matter how big or small. These little voids to name a few could be hiding under the floor, around the bath, under sinks, and around door frames. There is plenty of potential storage that we just overlook every day. It’s time to take initiative and go on the hunt for undiscovered storage room.

“Storage comes down to two approaches”…… “You either make it a feature of the space or you integrate it so that it disappears”

Concealed panels are the perfect idea for people who enjoy the look of a simplistic home, rather than the look of organised mess. Storage walls are a great way of storing lots of stuff without feeling like you have tons of cupboards. Concealed panels are generally found in bedroom, but rather than a coloured door to mask them, they are lurking behind sliding mirrors. However built downstairs, and it could house TVs, computers, XBOX’s, etc. Do not limit your mind, think outside the box, what do you really want to store away?  Then design the storage around that.

Luxury home refurbishments are all about building storage units into every room, and maximizing the rooms’ full potential. It is all just a case of opening up your mind and thinking of ideas which are not always there to start off with.


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