High hopes for SEAT


Seat, the beleaguered Spanish brand, has come a long way since 1950, producing over 16 million cars known for their youthful sporty profile. Annual production being exported to over seventy countries worldwide: is it any wonder that Seat has been suggested to expand further as they prepare to launch four brand new playful numbers in 2012?

The firm has eagerly confirmed that they shifted 51,048 cars between January and February, which is overall put sales up another 11.9 % which may seem insignificant: but when compared to the distinctive cars their competitors have been rolling out, an increase is still a noble victory.

Although Seat has done extraordinarily well for itself this year, it only draws more attention to the €311million they managed to lose last year alone. However it is surprising to think that this worthy brand had such a downfall, when their competitors are repeatedly producing cars that are neither practical nor remotely stylish, in which case has no real purpose on the roads or to the naked eye.

Seat’s Welsh boss James Muir is confident that the firm’s upward trend will continue to spiral. Speaking to top trade publication Automotive News Europe, he confirmed that 2012 will see Seat launch four new cars:

“We will launch four new cars: the new Leon, a totally new entry-level model, a four-door sedan and a major Ibiza facelift.”

That inevitably opens more jobs too, which will in turn boost the public moral on unemployment, with Seat and the Catalan government ensuring that 1,200 new posts are created, to build Seat’s new cars.

In addition to the new models being launched next year, Seat is believed to be looking east, and will exhibit at Shanghai’s auto show ahead of releasing the brand in China within 2012.

Thanks to Audi’s investment in Martorell, SEAT will also add a production version of the IBX crossover in 2013, which is the year that the firm hopes to return to profit, taking its range to seven models.

With such high hopes, Seat should be able to capture the essence of pure grace and elegance in their new Seat Leon, leasing could surely be on the horizon too for this pioneering model. Could this new stylish take on Seat drive its way to ‘the must have company car of 2012’ or perhaps possibly even our hearts?


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