How many reporters does it take to…….


April fool’s day in my opinion has got to be the best day in the calendar, alongside Christmas and the noble Pancake Day. It is the day you can get to take sweet revenge on all those colleagues who have stitched you up all year, all in the name of April 1st. This year I am sure people will be pulling out all the stops in order to perform an amusing joke at the expensive of another.

BMW surprisingly seem to have a sense of humour, when it comes to stitching people up in the name of April fool’s. Instead of receiving press for their renowned elegant models, BMW has instead made a mockery of those sneaky cameras that are constantly on the hunt for the next concept up BMW’s sleeve.

It was reported that an unnamed BMW pickup car was spotted testing at the Nurburgring track in Germany earlier this month. Its camouflage hinted a possible concept or perhaps a production test dummy, however sensible judgement ruled out such a notion.

Originally reported, the car was suggested to be a one-off special model to haul parts, and designed for one of BMW’s motorcycle accessory providers.

Reporters may be good at hiding in bushes, and snapping up all those hidden secrets, but they are not sharp enough to see an April fool’s joke right in front of their lenses. Perhaps they are in the right profession after all, when BMW finally admitted it was in fact just a big joke, I wonder how long it would have taken them to realise that if the truth had not been told.

One reporter has said: “Joke or not, we can still appreciate it. It is all kinds of awesome, at least for us non-BMW fan boys” that is the speech of embarrassment if you ask me, the fact that they genuinely thought BMW had a concept that contrasts every other car they have produced. They really were taken for a ride this April fool’s day.

The company designed this prototype as an April fool’s joke, but will be presented alongside a few other M3-based prototypes and a more serious M5 concept on Friday, April 1.

I am glad that BMW have once again impressed me with their ingenuity, not only do they provide us entertainment, but they also provide the elegant BMW 5 series, leasing available around the UK.


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