Celebrity dream homes….


Luxury homes always bring about new and exciting extensions to classical homes, not only do they include the bare essentials such as kitchen, front room and reception room, many homes are now expanding their horizons to swimming pools and cinema rooms.

When I was younger I always looked switching over the channel to have a sneak peak of celebrity homes- well ‘cribs’ for that matter, they always included something that we never thought of as missing. From luxury swimming pools rippled to the side of the home, to games rooms lurking behind closed doors. Celebrity status is all about having the most expensive looking homes, fashioning the latest clothing lines, and splashing the cash where it really matters.

I myself like many others could only dream of having such a large dramatic home, which are constantly broadcasted on TV. The luxury home is for the rich but sometimes not the deserving.

It is a wonder however, that the most stunning of homes that have caught my eyes, all follow the same ‘simplistic’ style- which never fail to represent money or fashion: and yet it costs less to get so much more.

Celebrity homes are all about the gadgets, they need to include the latest technology and style in order to have the nod of approval from the public, and they need to have something that we desperately want, or hopelessly need.

Living ambiance systems and the 100” LCD TV screens are such luxuries that hold the keys to our heart, tug at our heart strings and stop our lungs from expanding. However there are also some unusual treasures that somehow find their way to the corner of our minds, and focus our attention on striving to capture such elegance.

With such an abundance of money, is it any wonder then that celebrities hire in the most respected interior designers, and purchase the latest wonders to hit the market? Perhaps their prosperous careers generate more than fame: they may in fact bring along comfort and opulence.

Flashing the cash at the most respected architects, and specialist craftsmen allows every celebrity to get the ultimate home of their dreams, without breaking out a sweat. Luxury home refurbishment has never been so easy.


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