Giving your home a facelift……


Home owners dread the day that work is made to their homes which they have spent years perfecting, it is both expensive and an inconvenience. No one dreams of having a crumbling home, or the unfortunate subsidence but these things need to be improved before the interior should be even touched. Renovating the interior when the outside is on its last legs is a disaster waiting to happen, not only will you waste all your money inside, you are effectively ignoring the bigger problem.

Don’t be deceived, your home may look fine from the outside, but the problems may be deep rooted and lurking between the gaps the naked eye cannot see. Although it may seem unnecessary to have your home regularly checked, but in the long run, you may be able to save thousands of pounds.

Solve the problem whilst it’s only little and less expensive, try not to follow the same pattern as other homeowners, and ignore it until it is staring right in front of you.   Save the garden for later, and forget about any extensions, you need to look after the shell in order for the little extras to be effective.

You wouldn’t carry on buying little gadgets for your car, if you knew that it had failed an MOT, needing major replacements, so why would you make that mistake for your home? Just because the problem may not be so much of an inconvenience now, does not make it right to simply dismiss the inevitable.

Maintaining the home may be difficult for all those hard workers, and full time parents, however simple steps can be made in order to save you much more money than you might just realise.

The roofing is possibly the easiest to maintain although not many people realise, all you need to do is rummage through the garage and pull out that dusty ladder, climb up it until you are able to see the roof  from a good angle and check to see if any tiles are missing or damaged. Then get it fixed, replacing one plain handmade tile may seem like a pointless idea at the time, but in the long run you’re saving yourself from a lot of water damage in the loft.

After a particularly winding day/night, it may be worth having a look round your home for any tiles that could have flown off during the wintry blows: although tiles are laid to a decent way and should not be able to come loose, if your home is particularly old then the materials that are keeping them in place may have become damaged or cracked.

Replacing a roof is quite possibly the most expensive facelift your home will receive in comparison to other trivial construction work; however it is without a doubt the most important thing supporting your home. It keeps the bitter weather out, and when laid properly will effectively keep the warmth in.


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