Funny little interesting facts:


“Men generally care about honour above all else.”

“Swearing reduces physical pain.”

“People who enjoy the taste of beer are much more likely to have sex on the first date.”

“Occasionally goofing off at work is less disruptive than merely wishing you could.”

“Unemployed men are much more likely to die earlier.”

“Men are more likely to expect women with high-pitched voices to cheat.”

“The U.S. military has commissioned a cheetah-like robot for a defence program.”

“75 million users spend 200 million minutes every day playing Angry Birds.”

“Stress makes women more perceptive of social cues, but men, less so.”

“Exercise can lower your risk of death from prostate cancer.”

“The faces of angry men are more noticeable than any others.”

“Men are more attracted to women in red.”

“Sleep deprivation gives you a sense of unfounded optimism.”

“Finger length is correlated to testosterone levels.”

“Humour helps you solve problems more effectively.”

“Men tend to regret work failures; women, relationship failures.”

“Rare sexual activity raises your risk of having a heart attack.”

“More men are turning to cosmetic surgery to help their careers.”

“Optimists die younger.”

“Financial risk-taking is just as common in men with low levels of testosterone.”

“People who watch more television are less happy overall.”

“Our opinions of attractiveness are influenced by our peers.”

“Posture influences how qualified you consider yourself.”

“For some men, confrontational stare-downs are instinctual behaviour.”

“Testosterone levels are linked to winning a woman’s attention.”

“Playing hard to get actually does work.”

“A full bladder causes you to make more cautious decisions.”

“Attractive men are more likely to get hired than attractive women.”

“Exercise can actually increase, rather than decrease, your stress levels.”

“Human fat cells may provide a source of stem cells.”

“Men with deeper voices tend to have more children.”

“Men who earn less than their wives are more likely to cheat on them.”

“Men have more direct neurological control over their hunger than women do.”

“Doritos once paid a research facility to broadcast an ad into space.”

“Spending time with other couples makes your relationships more fulfilling.”

“Too much sleep is deadlier than not enough.”

“Beer keeps you younger, but may give you cancer.”

“Bottled water may be significantly worse for you than tap water.”

“Over 99% of all the species in the Earth’s history are extinct.”

“Lifting free weights helps exercise parts of your brain.”

“Placebos work even when subjects know they’re placebos.”

“It is possible to lose 20 pounds in 24 hours.”

“Goosebumps are a vestigial fight-or-flight reflex.”


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