The office that is rivalled by no other


With a new decade, comes fresh innovative interior design ideas, and where better to promote your contemporary and energizing ideas then in a busy office in Beijing that will no doubt catch the attention of clients.

Its futuristic, inspiring and pristine white combined with an open-plan essence and exciting shimmering floors. The design leaped into action after the first architect failed to meet the high standards of the Swedish client, but with a doubt this design cannot be matched but rather used as a template for offices tempting its way into a bold concept.

With sensational views, the interior had to either marry up or complement the surroundings, but rather than fit an existing design into the exterior, the architect instead conceived the office according to the location. The offices are situated at a busy intersection in a central part of the Chinese capital, with the CCTV building providing an interesting landmark to the northeast and more perfunctory element: a main highway running in an easterly direction. With this in mind the architect thought it would be essential to capture this unique and dynamic urban scenery into the workspace.

Transparency was the primary component for this office: with the city scenes forming the busy background for the reception, meeting rooms and the offices. False ceilings were removed to expose all features which were later painted black, and mirrored louver’s were added to add a real sense of theatre.

Fluorescent tubes illuminate the office, whilst giving the lighting a touch of randomness which in turn acts as a foil to a rigid ceiling grid. Closed cellular offices are specifically designed to look like small pods, which continue the outer-space aesthetic, along with the glossy epoxy floors throughout.

New technology has made an appearance or in some cases, showcases the beautiful landscape in the case of glazing which can be electronically turned opaque when privacy is paramount or transparent when the views can inspire the workers.

Ease of communication was at the utmost importance for the design, which is why circular closed rooms and rows of workstations are interspersed with one another, so the 20 or so workers can interact relatively free of boundaries. Using these techniques along with welcoming views spread around the office; give the sense of a light and airy environment for all workers- not just the executives.

Whether it is solely down to the refreshing commercial flooring, spacious pristine white walls, or perhaps even the well-designed curved offices one thing is certain: this office sets the benchmark for competitors out there striving to create the next big idea.


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