Children’s bedrooms decorating- Never again


Decorating a child’s bedroom could quite possibly be the most demanding room within the whole house, not only do you have to find a theme they are into, it is crucial to find a design that they will still like a couple of years later.

Children fall in love with television shows and funny little cartoon characters which gives you inspiration for their bedroom theme, but just a few months down the line they seem to find some other obsession, which is particularly frustrating as not only have you bought them all the figures, and cuddly toys but you have also painted their room for that particular TV show.

I know by experience that the children will no doubt love their new colourful bedroom, and all the lovely visual things they have now that they didn’t before, but it took only two months for my nephew to no longer like his bedroom decoration which I spent hours painting using nothing but a very fine paint brush.

Although it may be nice to see their faces light up at the sight of their favourite characters at present, it is in no comparison to the face you pull when they turn around and tell you that they ‘hate’ it just a few months later. As a person with a lot of patience, I put on my best grin and asked what he wanted instead of the in the night garden theme.

Ben 10! I have a knack for painting, as I spent just a day drawing picket fences on all four walls, a tunnel for a Thomas the tank engine bed, and smoke clouds with letters spelling out my nephew’s name, but to be asked to paint ben 10 was daunting. After all in just a few months he will be back asking for yet another theme.

Now there is an addition to the family, a little brother for him- so I had to decorate the room to suit both ages. In the end I found the happy medium. His furniture is blue and green from bed to cupboard, so why not create a funky bedroom to last hopefully a bit longer than before. I painted the upper half of the room sky blue, with a scattering of white clouds, and the lower half leaf green- with a rather large tree in the corner which has got to be my best piece of art to date.

This was all a bit rushed however, and to be frank half hearted, if I could go back and do it all again, I think hand on heart I would just pay the professionals to do it. Whilst I am there I might just get the whole residential house refurbishment deal, so the rest of the house can be updated and replenished back to its former glory.

Do not make the same mistake as me, do a design that will suit the age they are now, and ambitiously the age they will be in 4 years’ time, or alternatively just get furniture which can be updated every now and then.

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