residentianl designs


Residential house  designs is becoming evermore popular as people are trying to have the best looking house, but very few people can say they have done it and done it well. The reason for this is that interior design is all ways changing; bring out new styles and colours out every year, and as you look back you can tell that interior designs is always improving in quality but with all the new styles and trends coming out every year to try and be better than the year before, it is very hard to keep up with the new designs. But there is one company that can provide the latest styles and trends to a very high level of quality and to make your house into the style that you want and make your home feel the way you want.

They can do this in two different way one of these ways is a full interior design which means they will take everything out of the room, or the house and redesign it with your ideas mixed in with their ideas and how you want the house to feel for example you could want to feel warm, modern or you could want it to look like a older house, and then they mix all the ideas together and incorporate them into desired room, and the finished product will be better than you would of expected.

The other way that they can make your house feel more like a home is by just adding a few other things like fireplaces and different styles of lamps and all the small things like this can add character and the desired feel to the house that you want. But in all interior design  is quite difficult to achieve the look that you want and there are lots of look to chose from for example there is the modern look, traditional look and the cabin look these are the main looks that people choose when they design there house. I am going to tell you how to pull that look off and what colours and styles you use but like every other design you will need to put 100% of your time and effort into the house or you could end up with a house that you might not like and it could end up costing you a lot of money.

The modern look: For each room of the house the style and look will be different so for this one I will be telling you how to make your kitchen look modern. This type of look consists of lots of big glass windows sometimes covering the whole wall to let as much light in as possible to make the room feel bigger and also the worktops in all of the modern kitchens I have seen all have floating worktops made out of black granite and have lots of secret storage spaces to keep all the kitchens essentials in.

The traditional look: To make your house look more traditional it doesn’t matter what type of house you are living in. To make house look older it is quite simple but it involves a lot time and patience. The first step to making your room look more traditional you could get some wooden beams to put on the ceiling to give it the traditional look, the next thing to get is a old metal fireplace that burns coal and you can gets these from most home designers but if you want a good one its going the cost a fair bit. Most old houses usually have their walls painted in a cream colour but some can be wall papered.

The cabin look: The cabin look is the easiest design to do as it is quite simple, all you have to do is have wooden floors, walls and ceilings and have spot lights. But the key bit in all cabin rooms is the wood-burning fireplace and this will also make the room have a warm feel to it.

Like I have said before, to design your house and build the room and to capture what you truly desire takes time and effort.


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