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Under-floor heating: the warm truth


It is no secret that our energy use has to shrink by 2020, due to government concerns and strict construction issues now being enforced.

The rising cost of supply, combined with global warming, makes energy-efficient technologies essential today. Floor heating – which uses 30% less energy than warm water heating and over 10% less than ceiling radiation plates – is well placed to reduce energy consumption, cutting carbon emissions and slashing energy bills. Read the rest of this entry

Know your interior design


Interior design like clothing can either fit you and your personality enough to feel comfortable or it comes up short.

Interior design style can improve quality of life in addition to work surroundings. When businesses start-up, the majority hire in an interior designer: to ensure their business is aesthetically pleasing to both employees as well as clients. Read the rest of this entry

The office that is rivalled by no other


With a new decade, comes fresh innovative interior design ideas, and where better to promote your contemporary and energizing ideas then in a busy office in Beijing that will no doubt catch the attention of clients.

Its futuristic, inspiring and pristine white combined with an open-plan essence and exciting shimmering floors. The design leaped into action after the first architect failed to meet the high standards of the Swedish client, but with a doubt this design cannot be matched but rather used as a template for offices tempting its way into a bold concept. Read the rest of this entry