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Springing properties back to life


When it comes to creating a new home these days, the designs generally include stylish fittings, open plans rooms and slouchy sofas: so when I watched grand designs the other day I was surprised to see someone capture the true age of their dated property, mixed with a modern barn conversion.
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Giving your home a facelift……


Home owners dread the day that work is made to their homes which they have spent years perfecting, it is both expensive and an inconvenience. No one dreams of having a crumbling home, or the unfortunate subsidence but these things need to be improved before the interior should be even touched. Renovating the interior when the outside is on its last legs is a disaster waiting to happen, not only will you waste all your money inside, you are effectively ignoring the bigger problem. Read the rest of this entry

Celebrity dream homes….


Luxury homes always bring about new and exciting extensions to classical homes, not only do they include the bare essentials such as kitchen, front room and reception room, many homes are now expanding their horizons to swimming pools and cinema rooms. Read the rest of this entry

Creating storage in the unlikeliest of spaces…..


“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” (William Morris)

Style is often compromised with cluttered items scattered about the home, it gathers from the everyday important belongings through to the useless treasures we leave behind. Of course the simplistic look is hard to capture, when it comes to a large growing families that more often than not need to be reminded as to clear things away, but surely there is such a method as to organise mess? Read the rest of this entry

Relish in the sin of pride when it comes to your home……


Renovating your home is not as clear-cut as filling in the cracks and splashing a lick of paint, instead it is striping back your home to its inner shell, its blank canvass, and then adding an artistic flare to every inch of the space provided. Read the rest of this entry