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Children’s bedrooms decorating- Never again


Decorating a child’s bedroom could quite possibly be the most demanding room within the whole house, not only do you have to find a theme they are into, it is crucial to find a design that they will still like a couple of years later.

Children fall in love with television shows and funny little cartoon characters which gives you inspiration for their bedroom theme, but just a few months down the line they seem to find some other obsession, which is particularly frustrating as not only have you bought them all the figures, and cuddly toys but you have also painted their room for that particular TV show. Read the rest of this entry

Painting the truth about interior design


Every culture develops distinct ways of living and homemaking in harmony with their natural environment and belief systems. Even the most humble homes have a character and beauty that’s special – and that sets them apart from similar home designs a few hundred miles away. Read the rest of this entry

Relish in the sin of pride when it comes to your home……


Renovating your home is not as clear-cut as filling in the cracks and splashing a lick of paint, instead it is striping back your home to its inner shell, its blank canvass, and then adding an artistic flare to every inch of the space provided. Read the rest of this entry

Interior design… what does the future hold?


With interior design dramatically changing through the decades, what are the plans for the future?

Over the years, we have transformed every aspect of interior design, from lino flooring to artex ceilings, and lively pink walls to Swedish pine furniture, no inch untouched. However with the beginning of a new decade, design concepts are being pushed to all home owners though what great plans are going to make it this decade, if any. Read the rest of this entry

Interior Design through the decades……


Identical to fashion, interior design is an ever changing industry, which brings trendy new colours and textures year by year. However looking back through the decades, I can’t help but feel that interior design is improving by the decades. With new techniques constantly arising, and skills fully utilised, will the transition to the next decade be more successful then interior design these days? Read the rest of this entry

stealth fully creating an architectual gem of a building……


I miss the days when I couldn’t walk pass a building without my curiosity luring me to go in; like a little voice in my head it tells me to take a look around and be a part of this unique structure and its developing history.

I love being in the rear seat of a car, and gazing out of the window through awe when i pass a breathe-taking building. Passionate contextual structures that stands tall against the distained buildings, leaving their appearance that they have hung around since the age of time.

Read the rest of this entry