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Working from home meets todays architecture


Working at home is becoming so common that people are starting to talk about something called a ‘work home’. One of the commonest types of work home is the suburban house with a shed at the bottom of the garden fitted out as an office, its perfect for the small business that needs to be flexible and limit overheads- an architectural practice for example.

But what about when clients visit? They’re not going to be overly impressed by a garden shed that limits light and space: Its needs to be made into a piece of architecture, a true demonstration of its occupants ’skills. Read the rest of this entry


Are you ready for your dream home?


When you think of your perfect house, you see the finished picture, but never the complication within building process, nor the designing.

Some people strive for perfection, whilst others simply envision the bigger picture, and construct the comfort without sacrificing stylish modern features.

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