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Beauty obsession….. pictures of people going to far


Beauty obsession is becoming increasingly popular, for those striving for “perfection”. However there is no such thing, what one person would perceive as perfection, another would happily change for a smaller nose, bigger boobs and have painful injections all in the name of beauty. Read the rest of this entry

chuckling funny food :)


Leading on from ‘amazing food scultpures’ is this comical collection of pictures that help bring a smile to every face. It is reasons like these that parents really shouldnt stop creativity, playing with food so much more entertaining. I just cannot help but wonder how they got the idea to turn these vegetables into such funny characters?

For your entertainment, here are the foods that make me chuckle….

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Unusual Laws, that will leave you questioning…..


1) Texas- It is illegal to carry a concealed ice cream cone
2) Baltimore, Maryland- It is illegal to take a lion to the theater
3) Cicero, Illinois- You may not hum on public streets on Sundays
4) California- Animals are banned from mating publicly within 1,500 feet of a tavern, school,or place of worship
5) Joliet, Illinois- You may be fined up to $5 for pronouncing Joliet: Jollyet. Read the rest of this entry

Photobombs, animal style….


Photobombs seem to be pretty popular recently, and i have done two posts about photobombs already, so hopefully this one will surpass the others….

I present you with animal photobombs, you are probably thinking that they are going to be rubbish and not as amusing as the others i have already posted. However these are just as funny if not better! Plus these can’t be staged unlike the others, we have no control on what face the animals make let alone if they even walk up to the camera. Therefore for your viewing pleasure, here they are…
Top Tips when it comes to photos….

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