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How many reporters does it take to…….


April fool’s day in my opinion has got to be the best day in the calendar, alongside Christmas and the noble Pancake Day. It is the day you can get to take sweet revenge on all those colleagues who have stitched you up all year, all in the name of April 1st. This year I am sure people will be pulling out all the stops in order to perform an amusing joke at the expensive of another. Read the rest of this entry

High hopes for SEAT


Seat, the beleaguered Spanish brand, has come a long way since 1950, producing over 16 million cars known for their youthful sporty profile. Annual production being exported to over seventy countries worldwide: is it any wonder that Seat has been suggested to expand further as they prepare to launch four brand new playful numbers in 2012? Read the rest of this entry

Relish in the sin of pride when it comes to your home……


Renovating your home is not as clear-cut as filling in the cracks and splashing a lick of paint, instead it is striping back your home to its inner shell, its blank canvass, and then adding an artistic flare to every inch of the space provided. Read the rest of this entry